Roses are red. Violets are blue. There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be than with you.

I really do love the family we’ve created here at Grand Haven. The love & friendship in this community is inspiring. It makes me so proud to see the support you give each other during hard times and the joy during good times. There are some very special friendships in this building.

Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa
Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa-2

February is a great time to remember those we’ve loved & lost, and also to be grateful for the loves we still have today. Let’s all count our blessings & take the time to tell those we care about just how special they are to us. Love is infectious. Sharing a little bit of your love goes a long way in creating a community filled with joy.

Happy February, Grand Haven family!

Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa-6

Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa-3
Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa-4

February Birthdays

  • Peggy P. – 3
  • Alice D. – 5
  • Marilyn S. – 11
  • Emma G. (staff) – 13
  • Melissa M. (staff) – 15
  • Ruby M. – 18
  • Erica H. (staff) – 18
  • Madison C. (staff) – 20
  • Dona C. – 21
  • Dorothy F. – 23
  • Samantha H. (staff) – 23
  • Dick C. – 26

Staff Anniversaries

  • Dan Collins – 10 Years
  • Jennifer Maas – 8 Years
  • Stormy Hargis – 3 Years
  • Michelle Weidner – 1 Year
  • Jessica Post – 1 Year

February Events

  • 1st Piano bt Tom Luton
  • 2nd Music by Scott & Annette Kaczinski
  • 7th Sing-a-Long with Lola’s Daughter
  • 12th Girl Scout Talent Show
  • 18th Music by John & Kay Retzel

Moments Corner

We are glad to welcome some new faces to our Moments Memory Care family! A huge shoutout to both our staff & the amazing families who made these transitions smooth. We are so grateful for you all!

Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa-16
Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa-16

We are continuing to add new activities to our Moments calendar. Each activity is tailored specifically for our Moments community & geared toward their strengths. Our staff works hard to keep each resident active & happy throughout the week. Would you like to know more about our activities for February? Add your name to our mailing list! We’ll send a copy to your door. market@grandhavenretirement.com

Hot Breakfast Month

Hot Breakfast Month was established to encourage people to get up and start their day with a meal that’s a bit more substantial than a simple bowl of cereal. Breakfast is an important meal of the day, that much is true, but taking the time to get up in the morning, prepare breakfast, and take the time to sit down and eat a freshly cooked meal is a great start to the day as well. It’s not just about the meal, though there’s something about bacon and eggs for breakfast with a hot toasted English Muffin smeared with butter that just makes the day better, it’s also about taking the time to take care of yourself and spend a little time on something special.

How many of us grew up with the smell of a hot breakfast floating through the house? Mom wouldn’t dream of sending her kids or her husband off to their day without a hearty breakfast to carry them through. Breakfast helps us feel better, to see our way through to lunch without losing focus and without having our stomach grumbling at us that it’s empty. It also helps our brains function, and education research has shown that it helps to ensure that the students absorb the information. Hot Breakfast Month encourages you to take extra care of yourself.

Wedding Reminiscing

Marcella Waack

Marcella Waack

Marcella (Ruge) Waack was born January 11, 1928, in Davenport. She was raised by her Grand-mother until she was 11 years old. Her grandmother became an invalid so they went to Texas for about 14 months. Her mother worked outside of the home and lived with the lady she worked for. In 1940 her mother wanted Marcella to come home, saying she had a surprise for her. She was put on a train, all by herself, and traveled to Davenport. Marcella’s surprise was that her mother was to be married. Marcella was not very happy about this; city girl moving to a farm, a new stepfather and then leaving her Grandma. She made the move and Marcella attended school in Elvira. In High School, Marcella became very active; played basketball, was in several school plays and other various activities. Marcella graduated from Elvira in 1946, a class of 12.

After graduation, Marcella moved to DeWitt. Marcella met her husband, Joe, at a restaurant where she worked part-time. Marcella has had various jobs such as a grocery store clerk and a telephone operator with United Telephone. Marcella took a night course to become a Nurses Aid and got a job at DeWitt hospital. Joe and Marcella were married in 1949. Joe worked a couple of jobs before he got a job at Oscar Mayer where he stayed for 34 years. After 6 years at DeWitt Hospital, Marcella got a job at Barnes Foodland and stayed for 27 years. After Marcella left Barnes, she opened her own business called “Buttons and Bows” selling children’s and maternity wear for 8 years.

Joe and Marcella were blessed with one son “Rick” and he has 3 children; Jamie, Cory, and Nickie. Cory lived with Joe and Marcella for about 8 years and they loved every minute of it. Marcella now has 2 step-grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, 2 step great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Joe and Marcella made many trips to California to visit friends, went to Hawaii and she attended many National Bowling Tournaments with friends from her bowling team.

Marcella volunteered at West Wing in DeWitt for many years and used to joke “Who was going to take care of us when we get old?” I guess I found out, she said. The staff here are very friendly and always helpful. She has many new friends at Grand Haven as well as their families. Marcella has enjoyed it very much at Grand Haven especially the activities such as music, happy hour, etc. “The tour guide on bus trips is great.” She has made Grand Haven her home for the last 5 years.