Welcome, May!

The gardens are starting to green & the blooms just beginning to open. I’m so excited to see our beautiful Grand Haven courtyards in full bloom soon! May brings along more sunshine & warmer weather — perfect for BBQ’s!

Thank you to everyone who brought a friend to our “Spring Cookout” last month. It was wonderful to share a meal with old & new friends. I’d also like to thank our staff for going above & beyond to take care of all of our guests during the event.

I hope that you’ll invite someone special to our Garden Tea Party on the 22nd of this month. It’s a great opportunity to share the beauty of our gardens & enjoy an afternoon in the Spring
sunshine & friendship.

Happy Spring, Grand Haven!

Grand Haven February 2018 Newsletter Assisted Living Eldridge Iowa-6

May 2018 Grand Haven Retirement Newsletter
May 2018 Grand Haven Retirement Newsletter
May 2018 Grand Haven Retirement Newsletter

Way To GO!

Our 2nd annual Grand Haven Trivia Night raised over $1,000
for the Alzheimer’s Association!

Staff Anniversaries

9 Years
Kathy Wright
4 Years
Tiffany Loter
3 Years
Becca Grell
1 Year
Seth Meyer
Denise Gebel
Mollie Bender

May Birthdays

Tiffany L. (staff) – 1st
Janice S. – 7th
Madison B. (staff) – 15th
Stacy P. (staff) – 20th
Jessica I. (staff) – 31st

May Events

1st – Swing Dance with Thomas Roeder 1:30 PM
1st – Musical performance Caroline Slerk 3:30 PM
2nd – Harp Performance by Wilma’s Daughter 1:00 PM
6th – Music by Robert Dahms 1:00 PM
9th – Music by Ken Paulsen & Darlene Brevwet 1:00 PM
11th – Entertainment by Deb, Lola’s daughter 10:00 AM
13th – Music by John & Kay Retzel 1:00 PM
16th – Planting Day (All Day)
20th – Music by NSHS Choir students Gordy & Isabelle 1:00 PM
25th – Music by Ron Lubbers 1:00 PM
28th Memorial Day

Liz enjoys BINGO with Heartland Hospice
Liz enjoys BINGO with Heartland
Helen’s winning piece from the Memories in the Making Art Show
Helen’s winning piece from the Memories in the Making Art Show

Moments Corner

Thank you to the 6th-grade classes at Trinity Lutheran Schools who created
personalized plaques for each of our Moments residents! What a sweet & thoughtful gift. We would also like to thank everyone who supported Grand Haven at our 2nd annual Trivia Night for the Alzheimer’s Association! What an amazing turnout.

Our Memories in the Making art gallery was a hit with residents, staff & the families who joined us for the event. Our first place ribbon went to Helen who’s beautiful sunset won over the crowd. We are anxiously waiting to hear which of our Moments residents will have their pieces showcased at the Quad Cities auction later this Spring.

We are so proud of our Moments residents & staff for their hard work!

Memories in the Making

Congratulations to our Moments artists!

Congratulations to our Moments artists!
Congratulations to our Moments artists!
Congratulations to our Moments artists!
Congratulations to our Moments artists!

Oral Health for Adults

To prevent oral problems like toothaches, cavities, and tooth loss, it is important to take care of your teeth and gums. It’s especially important to have good oral hygiene if you have a health condition like diabetes or heart disease – or if you are taking medicines that can cause oral health problems.
Brush and floss your teeth — it helps to remove dental plaque, a sticky film of bacteria (germs). Plaque buildup is what can cause cavities or gum disease. Follow the bullet points below to keep your teeth and gums healthy as you get older:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Focus on brushing after meals and before bed.
  • Floss between your teeth every day. If flossing is hard for you, ask a dentist about using a special brush or pick instead.
  • Watch for changes in your mouth.
  • Contact your doctor or dentist if you have any of these symptoms for more than 2 weeks:
    1. A spot or thick area in your mouth, lip, or throat that feels uncomfortable or sore.
    2. Difficulty swallowing
    3. Pain in one ear without hearing loss

Spotlight on Senior

This month’s Spotlight on Senior is Bessie (Anderson) Swanson. Bessie grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. Her Father was a mechanic and her mother was a homemaker. Bessie has three sisters and one brother. Bessie remembers all the fun family gatherings, playing ball, and roller skating.

Bessie met her husband (Walter) at the roller skating rink in Omaha. Walter was asteamfitter in the Union for over 50 years while Bessie was an alterations specialist, quilter and homemaker. They had three children: Elizabeth in Los Angeles, CA., Lynette in Long Grove and Walter who died at age 59.

Bessie fondly remembers fishing vacations with the family to Minnesota and Canada, as well as attending horse shows and sporting events with the kids and grandkids. Bessie has five grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and another expected in May. Bessie really enjoys when they come and visits and loves all the hugs and kisses.

Bessie moved to Grand Haven in January 2017. Bessie says that Grand Haven is a friendly place to live, has good accommodations and is very clean. Bessie especially enjoys the social bus trips and participating in craft days.