Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
There is no place I’d rather spend the cold months
Then here at Grand Haven with you!

As we embrace these cold winter months, it is important to remember to stay warm when leaving the building. 

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, let us all remember to be kind with one another. Showing some love and appreciation towards all residents and staff members will help us get through this cold winter season. It can be hard to find motivation to participate in daily activities during this time of the year, but it is good for all residents to come out and enjoy their time spent here at Grand Haven. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let's Welcome to Grand Haven Retirement

Pat O'Donnell

June Braack

Fun Activities

Spotlight on Senior:

Our February Spotlight on Senior is Ronald “Ron” Brick! When you meet Ron he’s always quick with a “how are you doin’,” and never short of a fun anecdote with a hearty chuckle.

Ron grew up on a farm Northeast of Grand Mound, IA. He remembers the kinds of shenanigans he and his cousins used to get into when they were young. “Kids,” he said laughing, “sometimes when they get their heads together they get into trouble. We sure did.”

Growing up he helped raise livestock and the fields that they cultivated were strictly used to feed their animals. Ron also recalls spending a good amount of time working on a lot of the farm machinery. “I was always really good with mechanics,” he said. “It interested me, and I was good at it. It even led to me being an engineer in the Army!” Ron was drafted right after graduating from high school and served from 1953 to 1955, working and testing out various military equipment.

After the military, Ron went back to his farming roots.

Altogether he farmed for 57 years, at one point taking care of two different farms, and also spent time working on the chemical floors for DuPont and warehouses for Pioneer in Durant, IA.

At this time Ron also began his own family. When asked about them Ron smiled. He has a son who lives locally in Bettendorf, a daughter who lives in Phoenix, AZ, and then another son who resides in St. Cloud, MN. He also has lots of lovely grandchildren.

He’s enjoyed his time here at Grand Haven, remarking that the people are what make it enjoyable. He says the key to a happy life though is to have fun and to live lighthearted. “I give people a hard time,” Ron says. “But it’s good for you. It keeps you on your toes. That’s the only advice I can give, that you can probably actually write up! God bless you all.”

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