I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all Grand Haven Staff for their hard work and dedication to our Residents!! They have been nothing but amazing during these difficult times. They all deserve our praise and support. Next time you see one of our wonderful staff members, be sure to thank them for all the great work they have done for Grand Haven Retirement Community.

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Richard "Dick" Enderle

Spotlight on Senior:

Gladys Jean Johnson Jones (Jeannie) was born in Cresco, IA.

During the depression, Jean and her family lived in Monona, IA,

and then moved to Waukon, IA where they farmed and where

Jean finished high school. Jean is the baby of the family with 2

brothers and 1 sister. Jean fondly remembers several special

memories growing up. She sang for her Grandmother’s funeral

at age 10, playing in several playhouses and helping her Dad

create a crescent moon garden with a fish pond made out of

an old dishpan. Jean had fun filling the pond with a bunch of

tadpoles collected from the creek. 

Jean went to 3 different country schools through 8th grade and then to Waukon Public High School through graduation. She attended Luther College in Decorah and then finished her BA Degree at Augustana College. She went to the University of Iowa for hours beyond her BA. A friend gave her $10 to take the bus from Waukon to Davenport to visit her friends’ daughter. While in Davenport she was set up on a blind date for the New Years Eve dance. It turned out to be Ed Jones and they fell in love at the midnight kiss and were married the following August.

  Ed was employed for WOC-TV as a director and then was promoted to Production Manager for 25 years. Ed was also the lobby host at Circa 21 for 23 1⁄2 years. Jean taught school for 10 years and then opened the De Jean Organic cosmetic business at Paul Revere Square which then grew into the Home Environment business with Pure Air and Pure Water equipment. Jean also had a 1⁄2 hour radio show on WOC for 35 years. 

Ed and Jean have 5 kids. They enjoyed trips as a family to the seashore in Massachusetts for 3 weeks every summer. They would drive out there and stay in the Howard Johnsons where the kids could swim. They drove to Disneyland in CA where her Uncle was a movie director. Their one son played Trombone in the Iowa Marching Band so they went to see him play in the Hollywood Bowl. Jean earned a lot of free trips for Ed and Jean to take by themselves such as Paris, France, and 2 to Mexico to name a few. 

Jean has 7 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Ed & Jean used to love to visit them in their homes. Ed passed away in February of 2020. They both invited Jesus into their lives in December of 1989 so they both had salvation assured to them and knew they’d see each other again.

  Jean tells everyone that she’s living in luxury here at Grand Haven as she doesn’t have to worry about anything, her meals are prepared thoughtfully, no room cleaning, laundry, etc. “Everyone at Grand Haven is so good to us and makes us feel like family instead of old folks who need to be taken care of. It’s great here. Thank you, Grand Haven.”

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