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Spring is here! The winter has finally finished, & we’re just starting to see the greenery come back to life. How amazing that we kicked off the start of April with Easter. Easter reminds us to be grateful for the gift of life, love & joy! I hope you enjoyed our first free senior lunch this past month. We had such a fantastic turnout! It was wonderful to meet your friends & bring some new faces into Grand Haven. Thank you to everyone who invited a guest for the afternoon. Now that the weather is beginning to warm, we are able to start planning outdoor activities & more trips. I’m looking forward to the springtime activities & adventures. There’s nothing better than beautiful weather & beautiful friendships. Enjoy April, Grand Haven family! Dan Collins

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April 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement Assisted Living (6)

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April 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement Assisted Living (6)

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Spotlight on Senior: Lucille M. Meier Lee-Petersen

April 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement Assisted Living (10)

Lucille M. Meier Lee-Petersen (just Lucy) moved into the townhouse behind Grand Haven in November of 2016. Lucy was born in Clinton Co. but moved to Scott County North of Long Grove. When Lucy was 10, the family moved back to Clinton County. Lucy’s father was a farmer. When Lucy was a child, orphaned and unaccepted animals were hers to raise and pamper.

Lucy attended primary school at Sandhill in Scott County and then attended Calamus Consolidated School. She attended 1 year at St Lukes School of Nursing in Cedar Rapids.

Lucy has 5 deceased siblings; 1 sister and 4 brothers. Lucy loved being outdoors and having a family get-together,
playing with school friends and playing sports. All of Lucy’s siblings were older, but they took her with them when she was small. Lucy met her first husband, Ralph Lee, the first day of riding the school bus to Calamus School. The bus driver told her to sit by this boy in the back and, as they say, the rest is history. He went home that day and told his mother “the cutest little girl sat by me on the bus today.” Lucy and her husband farmed. She helped with all aspects of the farm; planting, harvesting, haying, cattle; all of it. Lucy also worked for a grocery store as a checker, stocking shelves, etc. Lucy also managed a small grocery store for 1 year in Calamus.
Some of Lucy’s favorite memories were camping and fishing. They did this on mainly on holidays and weekends because they couldn’t go far due to farm chores. They also enjoyed ball games in St. Louis and golfing.

Lucy has 2 daughters and 1 son. She also has 4 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. On Christmas and Lucy’s birthday, they all get together due to them living all over the USA. They spend the night with her quite often to play games and cards. Lucy loves watching them interact and laugh with one another. They call quite often just to talk.

Lucy lost her first husband, Ralph Lee, in 1993 to Lung Cancer. Lucy then married Bob Petersen in 1996 and then he passed in a truck accident in 1997.
Lucy is truly glad to be living here!! The staff are caring and helpful. Lucy thinks we should all give hugs every day. Lucy loves the social life and has met so many new friends. “Every day there is “SOMETHING,” however big or small, to be thankful and happy for; we all just need to acknowledge and accept this in our hearts and enjoy.

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