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Welcome, December!

The mission has always been the same, the residents’ care and well-being have always been my focus. I have strived to be a good advocate for all our residents and their families. I was truly blessed to have a great staff to help me lead this community. We all hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you take the opportunity to reflect and count your blessings? I am personally thankful for the memories shared,
friendships created, and the love and support demonstrated by the beautiful “Grand Haven Family.”

I leave with no regrets but with tremendous gratitude for the excellent opportunity that I was given to help lead Grand Haven for over ten years. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the joy that we have shared. The cards and the conversations have been priceless, and I promised to stay during the transition so that we would not miss a beat here at Grand Haven. This position has forever changed and enriched me, and I will miss all of you much. God’s blessings to all of you as I go on to my next journey in life. My Christmas wish for you is that you all have peace, health, and happiness and the coming year brings you blessings.

Happy December Grand Haven family!

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Spotlight on Senior: Alice Jeanette Hoste DeSchepper

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Alice Jeanette Hoste DeSchepper moved into Grand Haven in November of 2016. Alice was born and raised in Moline, IL. Growing up, her dad was in the grocery store business while her mother stayed at home and did all the housework. Alice has 4 Sisters and five brothers. There were days when the girls would stay at home to help mom with the cooking, while the boys went to go help with the farming business at the DeSchepper’s. Throughout her childhood memories, most of their time was spent at the park swimming on a hot sunny day if there wasn’t any farming or housework to do. Alice attended St. Mary’s Catholic School in Moline, IL, all the way through 12th grade. After graduating from St. Mary’s, Alice went to work at a gift stationery business in Moline. After a few years, she worked for an insurance company in Rock Island and then decided to change her career by working at Von Maur in Davenport, IA, in the cosmetics department for 20 years.

Alice met her husband, Francis through farming in Long Grove, IA. Not only did people Call him Francis but a nickname that fit him perfectly; Bud. On Saturday, September 30, 1944, on a beautiful sunny day, they decided to tie the knot at Saint Mary’s Church in Moline, IL. Once they were married, Alice moved to Long Grove, IA. Francis and Alice continued the farming business for 50 years. They didn’t do a whole lot of vacations together as farming took up most of their time. When Alice wasn’t helping with agriculture, she was running their other business for five years called, “A Night on the Farm Bed & Breakfast.” They were blessed with nine kids together. As the children grew up and moved away, they enjoyed going to visit, making family memories and experiencing the different adventures you can do. They were married for 63 years until 2007 when Francis passed away. Alice has ten grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. She enjoys being able to talk to them over the phone since they are unable to visit that much due to them living in other areas. One of Alice’s most favorite things is butterflies. Alice has been at Grand Haven for two years now, and she enjoys being able to have that independent living atmosphere.

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