My name is Julie Newell and I am the new Manager here at Grand Haven. I think I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting most of you, but if not, please feel free to stop in and introduce yourself! I know I have a lot to learn and have big shoes to fill, but I will work hard for all of you and do my best to assure this transition is as smooth as possible.

As I have shared before (but will again) I am born and raised in the Eldridge/Long Grove community. My father is Richard Collins, the local dentist and my mother, Karen, volunteered for years at Alan Shepard Elementary and worked at the library. I have 5 brothers and sisters who still have many active ties in the community. I attended and graduated from North Scott Schools. I married my high school sweetheart, Dan Newell, and we live on a dairy farm outside of Long Grove. My husband and father-in-law, Gene Newell, work the farm (I am there for looks and personality only!)

We have one boy, Gus, who is 20 and works as a welder at a local company.I feel very blessed that I am the newest member of the “Grand Haven Family”, and I will strive daily to make this family proud. I may make decisions that everyone may not agree with, but I will do my best to explain my logic behind them.

Have a Happy Holiday season and I look forward to 2019 and what a GREAT year it will be.


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Spotlight on Senior: Jeanette Elizabeth Hendes Keppy

January 2019 newsletter

Jeanette Elizabeth Hendes Keppy moved into Grand Haven in June of 2010. Jeanette grew up in the Clinton County area. During her childhood, the family moved from farm to farm due to crops not being able to produce very well. Jeanette’s mother was a house cleaner while her dad was self-employed as a carpenter.

She had 1 brother who passed away in 1918. She attended Walcott Elementary School up to 10th grade and then had to carpool with neighbors when she visited Davenport High School. Jeanette met her 1st husband, Allan through his sister Alice Mae.
After being together for quite some time, they decided to tie the knot and were married on October 22nd, 1941.

Jeanette was a Scott County Rural teacher at McCausland while Allan went into the Army in 1943 and served for 2 years. Once Allan came back from the army, they opened a business called the Rohwer Tavern in Dixon, IA. Later, Allan became the postmaster in Dixon while Jeanette was the clerk for the post office. They were blessed with 2 children, Gary and Patricia. They enjoyed doing local entertainments together when they could. Allan was a big hunter and fisherman. He would go whenever he could. There were times when Jeanette would faithfully clean the fish he caught.

They were married for 19 years until 1960 when Allan passed away. When Allan passed, she then became the postmaster for many years and later retired. Jeanette met her second husband Arnold and got married on January 8th, 1975. Arnold was a farmer for his whole life and Jeanette would help him with the farming. They enjoyed traveling a lot especially in the winter months where they could go somewhere warmer and not see snow.

They were married for 12 years until 1987 when Arnold passed away. Jeanette has 2 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She enjoys every minute she can with them. Jeanette has been at Grand Haven for 8 years now and is very happy here. She likes the staff, the food, and all the activities. In her own words, “Just Everything.”

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