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Welcome, June! Our gardens are blooming & the weather is beautiful. We are so glad to have spent an afternoon celebrating our stunning courtyards at last month’s Garden Party. Thank you to everyone who invited friends & family to that event. We were blessed with perfect weather for an afternoon outside. We are just one month away from our 11 year anniversary. We have big plans for the celebrations & are so excited to share them with you all soon. Be sure to mark your calendars for July 14th & feel free to invite guests. It’s a wonderful day celebrating our home here at Grand Haven. I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine as much as I am! I love summer at Grand Haven. Our Summer Games kick off this month, so get ready for some healthy competition all month long. Cheers to June, Grand Haven! Dan Collins

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June 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement Eldridge Iowa (17)

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June 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement Eldridge Iowa (17)

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June 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement Eldridge Iowa (17)

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Spotlight on Senior: Sue Collins

June 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement Eldridge Iowa (21)

This month our Spotlight on Senior is Sue (Harriet) Collins who lives in one of our Townhouses. Sue grew up in Miles, IA (about 350 people) where the logo was “It pays to travel miles to Miles.” Sue’s dad was the Town Marshall. He and his wife had many jobs, such as Methodist Church custodians and Cemetery caretakers. They both also worked for “Clinton Engines” in Maquoketa, IA.

Sue’s siblings are Dennis, Roger and Dale. Some of her favourite memoirs are included; living in a small town, family summer trips, sitting on porches visiting with elderly neighbours, being a flower girl, singing in the church choir, Saturday night band concerts in the city park, and Grandpa and Grandma living right across the street.

Sue attended school at Miles Consolidated School. She entered 1st grade at 5 years old and graduated at age 16. After graduation, she entered Moline Public School of Nursing and became an RN. She was 2nd shift Supervisor of the OB Dept. and worked Labor and Delivery. One day her music teacher from Miles was in labour and Sue was her nurse. She didn’t recognize her at first because she had a mask on. Once she heard Sue’s voice, she knew exactly who she was.

Sue met her husband, Vernon, at a County Mass Music Festival where she played the trumpet and Vernon played the tuba and it was love at first sight. Sue and Vernon were blessed with 2 kids; Rhonda (Paul) and Dan (Lisa). Vernon worked 31 years for Ralston Purina and Sue was an RN and a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator). Sue worked 3 years at Moline Public Hospital and 42 years at Medical Associates in Clinton. Sue loved being a mother and was in no hurry for the kids to grow up. They were an absolute joy.

Sue remembers family vacations to Six Flags, Disneyland and Mt. Rushmore. As well as a boat trip up the Mississippi River without a Marine Radio. There were lots of other places where they could enjoy their time together as a family.

Sue has 5 grand-children; Hunter, Alex, Riley, Nicholas and Alisha. She loves spending time with them. As soon as they come over, the TV goes off and they have her undivided attention. She mentioned that Riley will be driving her vehicle to practice driving.

Sue loves living at Grand Haven. She loves listening to everyone’s story. The staff is loving, kind and sincere. She enjoys the music being played outside. The food and environment are positive, wonderful and safe. The flowers, decorations and activities are all mentally stimulating. She is so proud of her son, Dan.

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