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Hello, September!

Where has the summer gone? It’s been a busy and beautiful summer here at Grand Haven and the fall season won’t disappoint. National Assisted Week begins on Grandparents’ Day September 9th and continues through the 15th so please make sure you thank all our staff here at Grand Haven for the excellent work they do. I am looking forward to the changing of the seasons, especially all the Fall colors and chilly weather. It may be getting colder outside, but once you step inside Grand Haven, all you feel is the warmth. Welcome to Fall my Grand Haven family! Dan Collins

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September 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement (15)

Lila Stewart

September 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement (15)

Gordon & Arlene Goettsch

September 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement (15)

Marilyn Simpson

September 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement (15)

Deb Chaney

September 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement (15)

Rose Tiedje

September 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement (15)

Marcellus Grell

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Spotlight on Senior: Janice Kroeger

September 2018 Newsletter Grand Haven Retirement (36)

Janice Arlene (Marten) Kroeger moved into Grand Haven in August 9 years ago. Janice grew up on a Century Farm just outside of Maysville, IA. Her parents were farmers who grew crops and raised livestock. Janice had a twin sister “Jean Alice (Marten) King” and a younger brother “Gerald Nor-mand Marten.” Both have passed. Janice’s favorite memories from childhood include getting a new baby brother, making sand pies with a kerosene stove, getting a Christmas tree decorated with lights, and getting a Betsy-Wetsy doll. Janice remembers fondly getting a new dress and shoes for Bird shooting days in Maysville and Plainview. Janice attended school in her younger years at East Lynn Country School, J. B. Young Middle school and then graduated in 1949 from Davenport Central High School.

Janice met her husband, Harold F. Kroeger, at a dance held at The Walcott Coliseum. Harold had also transferred to her school (J.B. Young) when his family moved to Allen’s Grove Township. Janice’s husband Harold owned and operated A. F. Kroeger Trucking; founded in 1958. They hauled livestock to Chicago for local farmers in Scott County. Janice either answered the business telephone or sometimes drove a straight truck.

Harold and Janice had five children. They took the kids to Six Flags, Yellow Stone National Park and the Grand Tetons. After they became empty nesters, Harold and Janice took Route 66 West to Ne-vada.
Janice has 18 Grandchildren and 15 Great-Grandchildren. Janice enjoys talking with them, sharing memories and playing cards at family gatherings. Janice loves to receive updated pictures of the kids to put up in her living room.

Janice likes being able to visit with so many retirees that she knew growing up and lived in the Eldridge and Scott County area. Janice enjoys the activities, games, puzzles and the fabulous food in the cafeteria. Janice says the staff at Grand Haven is very friendly and helpful in so many ways.

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