The trends of mental health care are changing constantly. Telehealth or teletherapy, which is online therapy, has evolved for seniors from face to face therapy. 

Telehealth is beneficial to seniors, as the senior is able to talk with the therapist in the comfort of their own home. This also eliminates the need to drive to the appointment, saving on transportation costs and making it easier for them to attend the sessions on a regular basis. 

Teletherapy can be just as beneficial as face to face therapy. Some seniors may feel more comfortable talking about their feelings and emotions when they are at home, rather than in an office setting. 

Also, a senior considering telehealth services may be concerned about their well-being within a traditional office setting. Especially if seniors have medical conditions such as an immune system disorder, opting for online services is preferable, avoiding potential exposure to illnesses prevalent in office settings. 

Additionally, online therapy for seniors can save them money. Many of the online therapy platforms offer sliding scale fees, which make therapy more affordable to seniors who are on a fixed income. 

Some of the concerns of Online Therapy for Seniors Include: 

Confidentiality is essential during therapy sessions. However, good online platforms use encryption to protect information shared during the sessions. It is important to choose a reputable therapist and organization to ensure confidentiality.

Technology platforms are not always user friendly experiences and can experience interruptions during the therapy sessions. The therapists, however, can provide support to assist seniors navigating the online platform.

Another concern could be the quality of care provided through teletherapy. As Blue Moon Senior Counseling states, “One of the most common concerns for telehealth and senior counseling is that the quality of the service won’t be as good. Some seniors are hesitant to spend time and money on a service when they are not sure that it will benefit them, which is understandable.” However, online therapy has been shown to be effective and experienced therapists can provide care that is specific to the senior.

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