As we age, it becomes important to look into senior living options. For seniors in the Davenport IA area, Grand Haven Retirement Community is a premier choice which offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities. 

Independent Living at Grand Haven

For seniors who enjoy an active and independent lifestyle, Grand Haven Retirement Community is the ideal choice. Residents in the Independent Living program can choose apartments from the following sizes: 572 sq. ft., 625 sq. ft., 680 sq. ft., and 885 sq. ft. The retirement townhomes are 2 sizes: 1,420 sq. ft., and 1,068 sq. ft. These apartments and townhomes are equipped with modern amenities and are beautiful!

Assisted Living at Grand Haven

For seniors who require some assistance with daily living tasks while still maintaining their independence, Grand Haven’s assisted living program offers support and autonomy. Residents work with the staff to develop their personalized care plans, so that they can get the care that they need while preserving their dignity and freedom. 

Memory Care at Grand Haven

Senior living options in the Davenport IA area also include the Moments Memory Care Program at Grand Haven Retirement Community. For seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, Moment’s Memory Care Program offers a secure environment that is designed to promote independence and choice. They offer daily one on one and group activities to keep the residents engaged with their peers and the staff.

In the landscape of senior living options in the Davenport IA area, Grand Haven stands out as the cream of the crop retirement facility. Grand Haven Retirement Community has a commitment to personalized care, it boasts a vibrant community with many programs and activities as well as experiences. This is what sets Grand Haven Retirement Community apart for seniors seeking a fulfilling retirement. 

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