There are many ways that caregivers can increase a senior’s quality of life as often seniors require assistance maintaining a high quality of life. For caregivers, the responsibility goes beyond meeting basic needs and extends to ensure that seniors are thriving emotionally, mentally and physically. Here are some of the ways that a caregiver can improve a seniors quality of life:

-Support physical activity: Caregivers can develop unique exercise routines for their clients based on their capabilities and interests. Exercise promotes benefits to seniors including improved strength, endurance, flexibility and mood. Encourage regular movements throughout the day including short walks, chair exercises and light stretching.

-Provide nutritious meals: Caregivers can help seniors prepare nutritious meals by going with them to buy groceries. And when it is time to cook, caregivers can assist, because cooking requires standing for longer periods of time. Moving around the kitchen could also be an issue as well as reaching into cabinets and an oven. Also, caregivers need to provide a structured schedule so that the seniors can get nutrition when they need it, especially if the senior requires assistance eating.

-Encourage social interaction: Caregivers can offer to help seniors find transportation so that they can go to community meetings. They can also organize their social outings or arrange video calls to loved ones to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.

-Give them emotional support: Aging can bring about feelings of loss, anxiety or depression and caregivers should extend their support to them. Seniors need to feel listened to, respected and protected. And as always, seniors should be observed while doing their daily activities to identify patterns and behaviors that the caregiver can assist with.

-Encourage them to maintain independence: Seniors may need assistance with certain tasks, but it is important that seniors maintain as much independence as possible. Consider making adjustments such as buying slip on shoes instead of shoes with laces, so that the senior can place them on themselves.

-Create a positive environment – A positive and supportive environment is very important for a senior’s well-being. Interactions should be filled with love and laughter in an environment where seniors feel appreciated and respected.

There are many ways a caregiver can improve a senior’s quality of life. Provide patience and compassion when interacting with seniors each and every day. Each senior has a unique set of needs, strengths and challenges and caregivers can identify these and build upon them.