Respite care is a residential care program. Oftentimes a caregiver will assist a care receiver with bathing, dressing, medication management, eating and toileting in their home. The care receiver often has one caregiver, who may need a break from the stress of caring. That is when another worker cares for the resident during a short period of time when the primary caregiver takes a physical and emotional break from providing care. It could be for the afternoon, for a day or longer depending on the needs of both the caregiver and resident when caring for a sick, aging or disabled person. 

Respite care also allows a break to the caregiver; giving them a change to their routine.

Respite care takes place at the resident’s home or a facility that offers overnight stays.  

Everyone needs a break from everyday stresses. A respite care worker needs time to shop for themselves, go to appointments and be with their family. They need to take care of themselves as caring for a resident requires tenacity, hard work and determination. 

Assisted living can be another option for the loved one. That is when a care receiver, who could have been in a respite program, needs help with their daily routine and activities similar to what they had at their residence. They leave their home and move into another one.

A person may want to stay in their home as long as possible. According to an AARP survey, “3 out of 4 adults age 50 and older say they want to stay in their homes and communities as they age.” 

At home services can be a perfect solution or transition from respite care to assisted living. It provides an additional relationship of trust. There are many benefits to living in an Assisted living facility including making new friendships while your services are all provided for. Residents are more physically confident with a team and not only a person in place. We are meant to rely on each other for support and guidance and this is a great option for a person in a respite program.

Grand Haven retirement living in the Quad Cities is a home that offers Assisted Living options and is recognized for their activities, assisted living, independent living and memory care program. It is the cream of the crop assisted living community in the Quad Cities and it offers a wide array of activities, trips and friendship opportunities. 

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