The National Council on Aging states “to be eligible for memory care, older adults must have a diagnosis of dementia and a need for around-the-clock supervision.” The first signs of the disease may be mild, but progressively get worse as it exacerbates. 

Memory care facilities provide a safe and secure place that should promote dignity, independence, comfort and choice for the individual with memory loss, Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia. 

Caregivers of Grand Haven’s Moment’s Memory Care involve the residents in functional memory care activities as well as assisted living programs if they are designed to fit their needs. 

Moment’s Memory Care at Grand Haven’s retirement community in the Quad Cities is specifically designed and implemented for their residents. Memory Care individuals will be involved in social engagement, which is essential for the individual’s health and well being. The staff are there to help residents become involved in physical and mentally stimulating activities. Our caregivers are extensively trained to meet the needs of the individual and help them sustain their quality of life.

Also, It is important that the resident’s are safe and secure. At the Retirement Community in Eldridge, IA, the doors are locked so that the resident cannot wander, get lost or fall. 

When is it the Right Time to Enter a Memory Care Facility:

It is timely to enter memory care when the resident is ignoring their personal needs such as hygiene, missing meals and not eating properly, missing medications and missing doctor appointments. Additionally, they could be wandering and socially isolated, have memory loss, have mood alterations that are no longer acceptable, they are forgetting the names of the people they know and when they are forgetting to complete daily activities. The time is right when home health caregiving becomes too much to handle and respite care is no longer an option.

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