There are many gift options that seniors with dementia will enjoy, however, specialized gifts such as these will provide them with joy, are appropriate and are stimulating.

Memory journals display their past memories and experiences, which can be personalized with photos and may trigger them to tell stories. 

Music and movies that seniors are familiar with is another great gift and is very therapeutic. Music from their childhood or from their favorite singer can help them evoke memories that will stimulate them physically and emotionally. Making a recording of their favorite songs is a beautiful gift!

Consider gifting them clothes with easy closures that are simple to get on and off and that are comfortable to wear. Also, clothes that feel comforting will provide them with sensory stimulation. Nightgowns and sweatsuits are ideal gifts for a senior with dementia.

Sensory gifts such as lotions, textured pillows and aromatherapy kits will trigger their senses and provide a calming effect. 

Personalized memory boxes with keepsakes from the past such as letters and photos will evoke storytelling and emotional well-being. 

Photo albums that include photos of family members may help them remember important events in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. 

Activity kits including puzzles with large pieces are an excellent gift. Craft kits can evoke cognitive function, and both will provide the senior with a sense of accomplishment.

Personalized calendars will make them feel important. These calendars highlight photos of their family and will include important dates that they can look back on.

Toys that they can fidget with will offer visual and sensory stimulation. 

Devices that seniors can talk to, listen to or read can simplify daily living and activities. Voice controlled devices, reminder apps or tablets – that are simple to see and use – can be incorporated into their daily routines.

The most important gift to give to a senior with dementia is your presence. The Key states that “Frequent visits are one of the very best gifts that you can give your loved one. Do things together. Go to lunch, take a walk in the park or attend a concert.” Moments Memory Care in Eldridge, IA incorporates some of these items into the resident’s daily routines, including live music at the facility.

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