January 2024 is here and what a wonderful year we have had at Grand Haven Retirement Community! A bright and shiny year lies ahead of us all and a time of promise and reflection is at hand. I think back on the events had in 2023 and it makes me wonder what all of our residents did before coming to Grand Haven. Where did everyone live? Who were the good cooks in our group? What were the occupations? How did they survive back in the day when things weren’t so techy? Each and everyone of you have blessed us here at Grand Haven Retirement Community in Eldridge, IA. Each and every person is an important piece of the puzzle that makes Grand Haven so “GRAND!”

We have lost some precious friends and gained other this last year. I say a prayer for all and I am ready for whatever is in store for us this year! Our Grand Haven team is the best and are able to roll with the punches. To all of the residents and their families, thank you for the privilege of working for you each and every day! We have so much love in this building and that is what makes us what we are in this little Eldridge town. Let’s make this New Year the best ever and make lasting memories together!

-Happy Dan Collins