Research has shown that music therapy can improve cognitive activity and decrease symptoms of neurological deficiency. Grand Haven is a Senior Living Community in the Quad Cities. Their Independent Living, Assisted Living and Moment’s Memory Care Programs are designed to improve their resident’s quality of life. Incorporating music into their weekly activities, creates social interactions and improves their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Elderly care facility Grand Haven provides many musical activities to keep their resident’s mind and body stimulated. In the month of March, these activities will take place and are open to the public:

-Music and entertainment by Jacob Link

-Music by Troy Rangel

-Music by Robert Dahms

-Sing-a-long with CJ & the Ukulele-ladies

-Music by Pete & the Locust St Boys

The residents thoroughly enjoy listening to live entertainment and love to participate in fitness activities to lively music. The staff at Grand Haven incorporate music into their activities as much as possible, which pleases the residents. 

Music can help your immune system fight off infection, reduce stress and give our nervous system a boost. A dose of music can help keep the doctor away and will provide enjoyment as well.

Psychology Today states that “Music is known to be cognitively stimulating and it could contribute to building such reserves throughout the life course. Music makes unique demands on our nervous system (e.g., perception, cognitive control, memory, and motor skills, among others). For example, lifelong musical expertise seems to reduce cognitive decline.”

Music not only improves the lives of residents in Grand Haven’s Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities; it improves the lives of individuals at any age. It can help children learn. Also, music can help them improve their memory, because of the repetition in many children’s songs. 

Music can improve the sleep patterns of people who have trouble sleeping. states that “One study found that listening to classical music before bed helped students sleep better than those who listened to an audiobook or nothing. This means that music can form part of a sleep hygiene routine.” 

music at Grand Haven