A majority of people, especially seniors, love their pets and their bond with them is amazing. And as people age, this bond and unconditional love significantly improves the senior’s quality of life. Many assisted living facilities are now becoming pet friendly, because the senior’s pet is extremely important for their well-being. 

There are some rules that usually come with the acceptance of pets at an assisted living facility. The pet cannot have a history of causing harm to others and the pet cannot be a danger to the owner. The resident also needs to be able to care for the pet themselves. 

Pets are known to offer many benefits to seniors including companionship. Having a pet at an assisted living facility encourages seniors to stay active, they boost their mood and give them a sense of responsibility. Walks with a dog can improve cardiovascular health. And just being with your pet can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Scientific American states that there have been studies linking a cat’s purr to reduced stress levels and lowered blood pressure. 

Pets help to reduce feelings of loneliness in seniors. When your loved one decides it is time to move to assisted living, some feel that moving with or without their pet is a deciding factor. By allowing pets, assisted living facilities can increase the quality of life for their residents, because the pet will provide joy, comfort, and will make the transition to the senior living facility more enjoyable. “There are times when the only companion a senior adult has is their pet. In these scenarios, pets become more than four-legged friends – they become family. Just like our human family members, pets provide unconditional love and companionship,” states Senior Services of America.

Pets are natural conversation starters and can help seniors socialize with others. Pets provide the opportunity for seniors to talk with other pet owners or bond with other residents and caregivers over shared stories about the pet. 

Pets provide unconditional love to seniors and living with them at their assisted living facility is ideal. They reduce stress, lower blood pressure and provide a sense of calm and responsibility.

seniors with dog