It is spring cleaning time and it involves teamwork at senior living communities. Whether you’re cleaning your Independent Living or Assisted Living home or helping a neighbor declutter, it has  a profound significance. Spring cleaning promotes a sense of community and camaraderie among the residents and boosts their mood and self-esteem – creating a fresh start in homes and communities. Cleaning creates space that feels welcoming and comfortable. It creates a sense of pride within the community. 

When you are preparing for cleaning, the first item on the agenda is decluttering. Make a list of places needing to be cleaned, declutter, buy or gather supplies and clean from room to room. Organized and decluttered space can have an intense positive effect on your mood. 

Here are some ways that spring cleaning at senior living communities has a significant impact on the residents:  

-Spring cleaning promotes well-being and is a way for residents to get exercise. Activities such as mopping, moving small pieces of furniture and vacuuming gives seniors an opportunity to stretch muscles and provides cardiovascular benefits. 

-Spring cleaning involves not only cleaning, but planting gardens, planting flowers and plants and airing out spaces to prepare for the summer months. By taking steps to prepare for summer months, seniors can enjoy the warm air. 

-Spring cleaning can boost one’s mental health. A cluttered space can present feelings of anxiety and stress. By clearing and cleaning their space, seniors can feel more relaxed and at ease. 

-Spring cleaning is also a time to look at your home and make it as safe as it can be. Elder Care Alliance mentions: “For older adults, home safety issues can create unwanted dangers. Take this time to look around your house for tripping hazards and unnecessary clutter. Clear any unsafe items out of your home or find a way to reorganize your rooms so that you can move around safely.”

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