Individuals moving into Grand Haven’s elderly care units in Eldridge, IA may need to downsize if they are coming from a house or larger townhome or condo.  

Perhaps they want to start with new furniture and rent their furniture. The first thing to do is start discarding or selling your furniture; then look at Grand Haven’s floor plans to decide what to rent and where to rent it from. 

Cort states this about the retirement apartments “You take great care in maintaining the appearance of the ground, the quality of the service and the reputation of the community. Furniture that looks good and proves convenient is essential to the success of your community.”

Options for the rental essentials in an Assisted Living apartment are a bed with storage, nightstands, lamps, dressers, a couch, chairs, an area rug (first ask the facility if there are any things that are not allowed such as rugs that are a fall hazard). Perhaps a desk and dining room table is also needed. If there is space, add your favorites to fill the corners of the room with items such as a plant or decorative chair. states that “If your loved one is downsizing, it’s a great idea to incorporate multipurpose pieces with extra storage. Consider a bed with storage drawers built into the bed frame or side tables that include clothing storage.” 

Knowing what meals and services are provided is essential to packing. Independent Living Apartments may provide snow removal or lawn mowing services, so the resident won’t have to bring a snow blower or lawn mower. 

Keep items that are in good condition that you would not like to rent, especially kitchen items. It is beautiful to eat in the retirement dining room with friends and then invite them to your home to enjoy your favorite dessert that you have made.

Consider gifting your bulky kitchen items and bringing smaller dishes, glasses and plates. Cookie pans and muffin tins are essential to bring if you are a baker! 

Look at your clothes to determine what you can gift or give away. If you have not worn something in a year, it might be time to do that. Closet space in the retirement community may be much smaller than what you are used to. 

Give away quality items to family members that have been in the family and you want to pass along. Give or throw away items that are no longer needed or used. Ask family and friends to help you decide what to keep and throw away.

bring these items to your home