As we age, it becomes more important to exercise. Gardening is a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise that can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular and other diseases. It can also increase cognitive function and advance social integration; it is an activity that can be enjoyed with family and friends of all ages. 

There are many gardening movements that will benefit seniors. Some of these movements include reaching down, bending down, kneeling, digging, pruning, and planting seeds which improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and memory. Also, there are tools available for digging and pruning that decrease the risk of strain and injury, so that seniors can enjoy these aerobic activities. The tools have ergonomic and comfort features including curved components and padded handles.

Gardening improves cardiovascular health, because it increases our heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Raking, hoeing and watering plants are cardiovascular attentive exercises that promote heart health and have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Gardening also improves brain health, because it involves attention to detail and problem solving skills. It reduces the risk of cognitive decline and gives our mood a kick start, because it is enjoyable and evokes a sense of well-being. 

Gardening improves our immune system and reduces the chance of developing dementia. It increases our chances of fighting off infections and illnesses. IntegraCare mentions “When done properly, gardening can help ward off colds and flu as well as boost your general level of health and happiness. And this is why it’s usually recommended by doctors for people who have been exposed to illnesses like colds and the flu.” 

Being involved with a community garden will increase socialization as seniors will meet people with similar interests. Gardening strengthens relationships; it is a great way for seniors to bond with their new friends, which will create lasting memories.

Being active in gardening is a fun activity for seniors and provides a number of physical, mental and emotional health benefits. It also encourages seniors to eat healthy as they enjoy eating the produce they have planted. From improving balance, coordination and strength to reducing stress, gardening provides a healthy and social way to enjoy senior living. 

senior gardening